Great Clacton Church of England Junior School

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Great Clacton CoE Junior School - School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is very firmly encouraged, and it is explicitly expected that parents will continue to support this policy. School uniform avoids unfair discrimination between pupils, and provides a practical outfit for everyday wear at school. High standards in dress help to promote high standards in other areas, including discipline. It can ease problems for parents concerning arguments about choice of clothes and gives them the chance to provide suitable clothes at reasonable prices. 
Additionally, parents may attend our "Meet the Teacher" mornings, which we offer at the beginning of every new school year. During this meeting, parents can meet their child's teacher in their classroom in order to get to know them and ask any questions they might have about the curriculum and the upcoming school year.
Of course, parents may also make an appointment to meet with teachers and discuss aspects of the curriculum and teaching at any time throughout the school year.
Sweat shirts, sweat cardigans, PE shorts and PE t-shirts with the school logo are a compulsory part of the uniform and can only be bought from Anglia Sports and Schoolwear via the online shop: School jackets, book-bags and PE bags can also be bought from the online shop. School water bottles can be brought directly from the school office. All other items are widely available from various shops at a variety of prices.  


General Uniform:

​​All children MUST wear their school jumper or cardigan every day.

Boys should wear: 
tailored grey or black long
or short trousers

Girls should wear: 
a grey skirt
or grey trousers
or black trousers, which are of a style similar to those worn by the boys

We do not permit jeans, skinny fit trousers, jogging bottoms, leggings or tracksuits or three quarter length black shorts for girls.

P.E. Kit

All children MUST  have a school PE kit which consists of:
a white t-shirt
royal blue shorts with the school logo on
(these are available from the school office) 

For outdoor games in cold weather:
a tracksuit top
sweatshirt or similar top is acceptable
or jogging bottoms in a plain dark colour

All children must have plimsols for PE, as well as trainers for outside.

​In view of the steps in and around the school, pupils should wear sensible flat (heels not exceeding 2cm) black shoes, trainers are not permitted. A change of footwear is necessary during muddy weather in order to maintain the high standards of cleanliness in the school. Children must wear school shoes to and from school, but are permitted to change into trainers for the lunch break.  Children wishing to play on the field in the winter will need spare trainers and ‘over trousers’.
Please mark your child's clothes with his or her name, and check this from time to time. Lost property can easily be returned to its owner if it is clearly labelled, but a royal blue jumper is very difficult to return if it is unnamed!